Metal Coating

Exposed to a variety of harsh working conditions, metal surfaces need coatings that can protect them from corrosion and also add a layer of waterproofing to them, so as to enhance their life.

Chemsol offers metal coatings that serve various purposes across diverse scenarios in a variety of industries.

Protective anti-corrosive wall coat
Insufficient corrosion protection of steel structures can have serious consequences like structural problems apart from the visual appearance of the structure. Chemsol’s protective metal coatings portfolio is armed with epoxy, acrylic, PU and alkyd chemistries which offers complete corrosion protection of many civil structures.


  • PEB
  • Staircases
  • Traditional metal shades
  • Bridges
  • Pipelines
Waterproofing coat for metal roofs
Metal sheeting has remained popular across many sectors, including industrial, retail, and leisure. The main driving factor is often the ease and speed at which the framework structure of the building can be erected. However, exposure factors, such as geographical location, combined with the type of sheet, and its coating, will greatly influence the lifespan of metal roofs. As a market leader in liquid applied roof membranes, Chemsol has a strong and proven background in providing high performance waterproofing coatings for metal roofs, across the country – successfully extending service life, backed by guarantee.
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