At Chemsol, we understand the importance of every stage that goes into delivering a world-class flooring solution. And so, we focus on getting every step of this process absolutely right so that the end result exceeds the expectations and the imagination. Our high quality products are complemented by our highly detailed installation processes.

Grinding is one of the first and most crucial stages of flooring. At Chemsol, we follow a world-class process to ensure the best result, every single time, which in turn adds value to our flooring solutions.
Once the grinding of the floor surface is done, it is necessary to open and fill the cracks perfectly. At Chemsol, we ensure the best practices to prepare the perfect base for primer application.
Once the cracks are filled, it needs to be ensured that the floor is not chipping & breaking. At Chemsol, an intensive primer application stage takes care of this aspect.
In between the primer application and the top coat, there's a need to bridge the minor level differences in the floor. Chemsol implements a Screed Coat to make this possible and provide a strong base for the top coat to follow.
The top coat is what is seen by everyone and so has to have the perfect balance of aesthetics, utility and reliability. At Chemsol, the top coat for Epoxy flooring is perfected to ensure a hassle-free experience at the site.
Sand broadcasting creates the anti-slip effect that is the most crucial aspect of the anti-skid flooring solution. At Chemsol, this is executed with high precision and highest quality standards. Take a look.
The top coat is essential not just to ensure longevity of the anti-skid solution, but also to deliver a great sense of aesthetics. Solutions by Chemsol take care of these aspects in the best possible manner.
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