Wall Coating

Wall coatings play a crucial role in not just the aesthetics of a structure, but also in their life and reliability. At Chemsol, we specialise in wall coatings and offer wall coating solutions that have been built based on our extensive experience and domain competence.

With wide ranging applications and global certifications, wall coating solutions by Chemsol are a preferred choice across many industries.

Hygienic wall coat
Combining aesthetics and functionality, the wall coatings by Chemsol are formulated to meet the stringent norms of health care facilities, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, clean rooms, food processing and every other application where health and hygiene are of paramount importance.


1. Certified and tested by CFTRI as per 21 CFR 175-300 2. Enriched with antifungal and antibacterial additives 3. Attractive wall finishes with crack bridging ability
Crack-resistant waterproofing
Elastomeric coatings are protective barriers applied on interior and exterior walls as wall paints. Elastomeric coatings by Chemsol are both water-based coatings and paints or acrylic latex paints. They are applied as a thick coat on concrete structures and are best used for painting structures which require the kind of paint that forms a barrier against moisture.


1. Milky colour when wet 2. Flexible, stretchable and transparent, post-drying
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