Hybrid Polyurea

While it is similar to PU, hybrid polyurea has a slightly more complex resin mixture. When it comes to waterproofing, Chmesol hybrid polyurea offers a premium high-performance coating for high strength and elongation requirements. It ensures a better result-oriented performance.

Hybrid Polyurea
Chemsol Hybrid Polyurea is a two-component flexible waterproofing system. Hybrid Polyurea is supplied in ready to mix two component kit. On curing Hybrid Polyurea forms a seamless waterproofing membrane on concrete surfaces.


  • Retaining walls, parking deck.
  • Bathrooms, terrace, balconies, planters, sloping roofs.
  • Roof gardens.
  • Bridges and Tunnels.


  • Two – component product.
  • VOC free.
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete surface.
  • Easy to apply with brush, roller or squeegee.
  • Flexible and elastic.
  • Quick drying.
  • UV resistant.
  • Excellent tensile strength.
  • Seamless coating.
  • Better range of service temperature.

Method of Application

1. Surface Preparation
  • Surface should be clean and dry and in sound condition.
  • All the surface dirt, grease, loose particles should be removed from the surface. And the surface should be washed thoroughly with clean water.
  • All other previous coatings if any shall be completely removed.
2. New Surfaces
  • The newly constructed surfaces shall be completely cured before coating application.
3. Cracks and Joint Treatment
  • All the surface cracks from 0 - 5mm shall be opened with a 3mm angle grinder.
  • The opened cracks shall be cleaned properly and filled with Chemsol Chembase 150 and epoxy primer mixed with silica sand. Allow it to cure as required.
4. Application
  • The surface shall be in clean condition before coating application.
  • For porous surface priming is required. Priming can be done with Chemsol Chembase 150 epoxy primer. Apply one coat of primer on the surface and let dry. For highly porous surfaces extra coat of primer can be applied.
  • Mix the two components in the kit thoroughly with a low rpm mechanical mixer.
  • Apply 1st coat of Chemsol Hybrid Polyurea on the surface with the help of roller, spray or squeegee all over the surface. Let the coating air dry for minimum 6hrs.
  • Apply 2nd coat of Chemsol Hybrid Polyurea at an angle of 90o to the first coat and let dry for minimum 6 hrs.
  • Use geotextile of 40-50 gsm for reinforcement at drain outlets and corners.

Precautions and Limitations

  • Do not dilute Chemsol Hybrid Polyurea with water for coating application.
  • Keep material closed when not in use.
  • Corners, joints and repair areas can be treated with extra coats.
  • Do not cure by flooding with water.
  • Old coatings shall be completely removed.

Technical Information

Mixing Ratio (Resin: Aggregate) 1:1 on weight basis
Adhesion to Concrete ASTM D 4541 MPa >1.75
Pot Life Min 75-85
Surface Dry Min 60-75
Tear Resistance N/MM 30
Tensile Strength ASTM D 412 MPa 6
Elongation at Break ASTM D 412 % >600
Crack Bridging ASTM C 836 Up to 3 mm

Theoretical Coverage

Material consumption of 0.5 L/M2/Coat shall be maintained throughout two coats for a standard thickness of 1 mm.


Chemsol Hybrid Polyurea shall be placed in a cool and dry place protected from direct sunlight.

Pack Size

20L x 2

Shelf Life

12 months for the date of manufacturing if unopened and stored properly.

Health and Safety

Wash skin with soap and water. On eye contact wash the eyes immediately and consult a physician if irritation persists. On ingestion consult a doctor immediately.
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